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TASCrebrand, website, marketing

Responsible for developing and implementing strategic rebranding of multiple product lines at different retailors across the US and Canada into one singular brand and vision. Development of marketing and brand guide for the rollout of rebrand across major big box retailors.

In addition to the consumer goods sold by TASC we also had a yearly Tulip Farm event in Fenwick, Ontario.  In my first year working on the event I was able to increase attendance, through email marketing and paid advertising on Facebook and instagram, from 22k attendees to 72k attendees.

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Created and developed new branding that consolidated multiple products and lines across several retailers into one marketable brand.

Web Design

Designed, developed and managed a DTC bilingual e-commerce store for a new revenue stream.


Developed a new packaging to fit with the new rebranded and re-imagined company based on the Marketing and Brand Guides I developed